Blood Sugar Testing.

When you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you will want to know how often you should test your levels, when to test your levels will depend on a lot of things, but two of the main factors is this.

1. How severe the disease may be. 

2. Whether or not you are on Medications.

Most blood sugar monitoring are done before meals or right before bedtime, but when diagnosed for the very first time & depending on how severe your status is, your doctor may have you test your levels more frequently.

I’ll never forget back when it was first discovered that I had Type 2 Diabetes, the nurse took me to the back so she could test my blood levels, I was so critical until they couldn’t even get a reading on the monitor, so what they had to do was give me insulin until my levels would come down enough to where they could have some type of idea to what the reading were. Once the insulin started to take affect, that’s when the nurse were able to get my blood sugar readings. I didn’t even know I had diabetes at first but, there were two indicators that gave them clues or an idea.

1. Dry mouth, which made me want to steady drink anything I could get my hands on.

2. Couldn’t stop running to the bathroom, as quick as I would drink any kind of beverage , I was passing it out.

So, this is my experience with blood sugar reading, but it will really depend on the person, the Doctor, & the statue of the individual.

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