Diabetes, In A Nutshell!

What is Diabetes or (diabetes mellitus)? A disease that affects the way your body uses blood glucose, in common day terms, the experts call it blood sugar. This Glucose is your main source of energy & when you eat, your body breaks down the food & converts it into glucose. Insulin, is a hormone made by your pancreas, which helps move the glucose from your bloodstream into the cells, where its then burned for energy.

In Type 1 Diabetics, the body will produce little or no insulin. Type 1 Diabetes is mostly discovered in the early years of a persons life, like when you are a child or around the teen ages, adults can also develop Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes, if you have it – I’m talking about the most common kind or form- the cells become resistant to the insulin, causing the hormone not to work as well, & the results are sugar will remain in your bloodstream. That is why excess fat & excess weight are so bad for Diabetes, fat will clog up the arteries causing defects within the body in turn your body will malfunction & all sorts of things will go wrong.

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