Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

What is (IGT), exactly? Impaired Glucose Tolerance is when your blood sugar (glucose) level is higher than it would normally be & when your levels are not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. IGT are sometimes referred to as prediabetes. A recent poll was taken on the top ten deadliest diseases in the United States, & diabetes were number 9 on the list of that one particular poll. Some other polls rated this now epidemic as number 5 on the deadliest disease list, but whatever the case may be, there are one thing you & I can be certain of, & that is, we can look at these poll numbers & see that diabetes isn’t anything to be taken lightly. This disease has also been characterized in the same class as High Blood Pressure because of some of the unknown symptoms, we know HBP as begin the silent killer, well now Diabetes has joined the ranks because of what it does & the affects of it.

We have made many strides as to how doctors has started to understand, avert, & treat diabetes. A long time ago, thinking was that no matter how out of control a persons blood sugar were, in the minds & eyes of some doctors, they couldn’t see any way of getting those levels back into a normal range. But thanks to new studies & information, with the right Meds, Proper Eating Habits & Physical Fitness, you can lower the risk factors associated with this disease.

I don’t want to sound like I’m beating a dead horse, but I think that it can’t be stressed enough, & based on my own experience, the key or one of the keys to getting your diabetes under control, getting off meds & even reversing diabetes all together is Diet & Exercise. The good thing is that, now you don’t have to starve yourself by going on some strict diet, you can eat pretty much anything you want, but just be mindful of how many calories you are consuming, you don’t even have to do a hard workout either, only little sessions or what works for you will suffice as long as you burn the calories you consumed.


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