Prediabetes, More In Depth.

There are about 86 million people living in the United States with prediabetes, and what’s so shocking is that-most of these people are not even aware of it. To know that you have this disease is important, because the next phase of it will be Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Another reason to know that you have it is important because of the complications that comes along with it, diabetes is a sneaky disease that can and will cause damage physically and mentally-and can also be life threatening, so if you have prediabetes or know someone with it, now is the time to do what you can to try and reverse it, so that you won’t go into the next phase, which is again-Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. This may or may not be a surprise to you, but prediabetes is said to come from begin over weight and a lack of exercise for the most part.

How do you know that you have prediabetes?

The way Doctors determine you have prediabetes is by giving you a blood test. Whenever I go back to get my A1C blood test done every three months, the doctor always give me what is called a Fasting Blood Glucose test-and what this particular test does is-it shows the amount of sugar in your blood the next morning after you been fasting threw the night. Depending on the type of test you may be given is what’s going to determine your numbers, and those numbers will tell your physician whether or not you have prediabetes or Type 1 or 2. I won’t list the numbers here because like I mentioned earlier, the kind of test you take will determine those numbers, as they often change.

There are two other terms that Prediabetes are known by. 

Just in case you didn’t know, there are two other terms you may need to become aware of-& knowing them won’t catch you off guard like I was when I first ran across them, you may hear your doctor use the terms-Impaired Fasting Glucose or Impaired Glucose Tolerance, if you haven’t heard these two terms used before-don’t get alarmed because, all they are talking about is prediabetes-and like I mentioned in one of my other articles, this is when your Blood Glucose levels are not normal and are not high enough for you to be considered a Type 1 or 2 Diabetic.

What are some of the risk factors?

1. Heart Attack.

2. Stroke.

3. Alzheimer’s

4. Retinopathy.

Who will be affected the most by Prediabetes? 

Prediabetes, just like Type 1 and 2-affects certain groups of people at higher rates than others, adolescents & children are affected the most with this first stage (Prediabetes), the elderly are also impacted. The numbers say that about 3 million, if I’m correct-(FYI)- these numbers change at the drop of a hat, depending on what sources you get your information from, because their are many more people begin diagnosed right this minute as I sit here writing this article.

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