The Four Leading Causes Of Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of us as Americans, But often times we don’t really realize or pay attention to what actually bring on this terrible sickness, To often we hear about someone has been diagnose with Type 2 Diabetes & have to go on medication for the rest of their lives, so what are the reasons why there are so many of us infected? Well, believe it or not, three of the reasons are caused by us as individuals that we control.

1. Overweight- Begin overweight is the first & leading cause of bringing on diabetes.

2. Poor Diet- The second cause of becoming a diabetic is not eating right or proper diet.

3. Inactive- The third cause is not begin active enough.

4. Family History- The fourth one is out of your control, it runs in the family.

Even though these are the root causes of getting Diabetes & begin that gaining weight is the main reason, it is a medical fact that losing weight will reverse the physical processes in your body that causes this disease. Weight Loss causes your blood sugar (glucose) values to improve & in turn can bring your levels under control. But, the main reason & what helped me was making a lifestyle change which I think is key. When you change your lifestyle, that is what’s going to give you a better chance when it comes to treating your diabetes, & will also help prevent some kind of complication.

Another thing that can & will help you just like it helped me & so many others is Diet & Exercise. Like mentioned before, a poor diet is bad but once you switch up on what you  are eating, this will be huge because diabetes can also be controlled by Diet.

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