The Number 1 Problem For Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetics.

Were you just recently diagnosed with diabetes or have you been told by your doctor that you are at risk of developing diabetes? This disease can and will lead to some devastating complications. But alone with this bad news about this sickness, it can still be controlled. As more & more people in this country become overweight & obese, even more of these same individuals become diabetics. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, begin overweight is one of the leading problems, if not the main issue for diabetes. I’ve learned that in order to keep your diabetes under control & managed properly, it is a must that you control your weight, & this is why we are at or over record numbers now in America because of a lack of lifestyle changes. We want to eat more & move around less, a lot of fast on the go food & not enough of real food begin prepared at our homes. A lot of Fast Foods are real high in fat & calories but low in the things that you & I really need, like fruits & vegetables.

So, what can you do? Eating a healthier diet & changing your lifestyle is the only thing that’s going to reverse or lower your diabetes, which in term will allow you to drop those extra unwanted pounds. Losing weight decrease your chances of all of those different complications that diabetes bring along with it, you can start eating right, losing that weight or you can do the opposite & find yourself steady visiting the doctor letting them put you onĀ  all of those different medications, so you are the one who are in the drivers seat, you are the only one who has to live with yourself, so do what it takes & beat that diabetes, drop them unwanted pounds, start eating the right foods, & watch your numbers change for the better.

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