An Introduction to High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure and its Affects. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most prevalent health conditions facing Americans today. In fact, 68 million Americans-that’s 1 in  every 3 U.S. adults, have high blood pressure, and nearly 20 percent of these people are unaware they have it. With numbers that high of people not … Read more

Diagnosed With Diabetes? Here’s What You Need To Do Next.

You been diagnosed with diabetes, Now What? According to the CDC, their are about 90 to 95 percent of people living in the United States who has Type 2 Diabetes-and only 5 percent as of the time has Type 1 Diabetes. With this many Americans affected, the first question each one probably asked themselves was, … Read more

Diabetes And It’s Affects.

Diabetes and the affects of it.  In this article, I’ll be exposing Type 2 Diabetes for what it is-I’ll also mention the different types of diabetes, how doctors discover it in a patient, and the many risk factors associated with this disease. You may hear me recall something that you may have heard me say … Read more

Prediabetes, More In Depth.

There are about 86 million people living in the United States with prediabetes, and what’s so shocking is that-most of these people are not even aware of it. To know that you have this disease is important, because the next phase of it will be Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Another reason to know … Read more

The Importance Of Minerals.

In my last article, I talked about vitamins & the important role they play in the body-within this writing, I’ll be explaining the functions of minerals, what they are & how much you need on a daily basis. So, what are minerals? Minerals are much like vitamins, but the difference is that minerals are inorganic … Read more

The Number 1 Problem For Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetics.

Were you just recently diagnosed with diabetes or have you been told by your doctor that you are at risk of developing diabetes? This disease can and will lead to some devastating complications. But alone with this bad news about this sickness, it can still be controlled. As more & more people in this country … Read more

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